Monday, 9 June 2014

Beside the Seaside

I hope you've topped up your sunblock, because this blog is about to get sunny! I arrived safely in Ocean City, Maryland on Wednesday. Since then my life has been all about the American seaside. I'm not usually a beach holiday type of girl, but so far I am loving the long days spent lounging around on the sand. It's great to be free from responsibility, with nothing to worry about, bar making sure I'm doused in factor 50. I am fairly fair-skinned after all!

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I haven't had a chance to whip out my DSLR yet so have a peek at my iPhone pics of the town, for now. I took these over the last few days as I explored the area with my travelling buddies, as well as our new roomies.

The Boardwalk of Ocean City. A long row of touristy shops next to the beach.

Underneath the pier, it's one of the roomie's favourite spots in Ocean City, so we hung out here after dark and got to know each other better.

The sun setting on the bayside.

The funfair is right by the beach, we went up on the ferris wheel to take in the view of Ocean City from above.

All these spots are only a few minutes walk away from where I'm living at the moment. Can't wait to get some more shots of the place and I'll share them soon. I must share some outfits from my summer wardrobe too!


  1. looks beautiful! i don't get over to the east coast very often, but everytime i see beautiful pictures like these, it makes me want to!
    xo jac

  2. Oh my goodness I can;t believe you were in Ocean City! I grew up in Maryland and every summer we would go down to Ocean City. There is another beach nearby on Assateague Island and you can see the famous ponies there! (Careful going into the water though, it's full of horseshoe crabs!) Also, make sure to try some crab dishes there. We are pretty famous for our blue crabs!

    1. Oh my goodness, no way!! I'm seriously loving it at the moment, and I'm here for the whole summer so I'll definitely going to check out Assateague Island, it's on my to-do list! Actually, it's funny that you mention horseshoe crabs because I am currently writing a blog post that mention them - my friends and I saw them in the water on the bayside today and we freaked out... They look so scary!

      It's might be unlikely but if you happen to be in Ocean City over the summer send me a message. It would be cool to meet up! :)

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  4. These pictures are beautiful, Ocean city has to be a wonderful city.
    Spending the summer at the beach is such a great thing to do, but I also
    always have to use SPF 50, I get a sunburn so easily. ;)

  5. what a fun adventure! i live north of maryland and i've never been to ocean city, but i've heard a lot about it.seems like you're going to have an amazing summer!