Thursday, 19 June 2014

Another Summer Day, Another Summer Dress

I am sort of melting here in Ocean City (it reached 36°C here today), but that's good news because it means I can wear my pretty summer dresses. Hooray! So, last week, I dug out a sweet little Dorothy Perkins dress from my suitcase and headed over to Sunset Park to watch another sunset with my friends. We picked a slightly grey day to do it (so the sun doesn't always shine in Ocean City, who knew?) but oh well - it was still pretty. Plus, there will be plenty more sunsets on the East Coast to enjoy.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins // Ring: New Look // Belt: Penneys // Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

The Sunset Park at Ocean City is on the bayside, where the calm waters are... And, to our dismay, where the scary-looking horseshoe crabs dwell (shout out to Liz from Counting Magpies for warning me about those critters). We spent a while gazing at the view, chatting and being mildly horrified at the sight of the horseshoe crabs.

In other news, I'm sending out virtual hugs to all my readers, with an extra squeeze for all those on Bloglovin' because my blog reached 100 followers! Thank you for reading and commenting - I love the blogging community, you guys are lovely.

*Shout out to Eileen for taking the style photos.


  1. Beautiful look! That dress is so sweet and perfect for summer! I hope you get some sunny days soon! xx

    The What's In Between

  2. ew, just the thought of horseshoe crabs makes me shutter! i'm glad you have the opportunity to wear your summer dresses. that's pretty much all i live in for half the year, and i love it :)
    xo jac

  3. You look so lovely! That is such a pretty dress. It matches perfectly with your ring. And my goodness, those horseshoe crabs remind me of something from the movie "Alien"! Eeek!
    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers too!