Thursday, 29 May 2014

See You in the Summer

Today marked the third day of sunshine in a row - quite the achievement for Donegal, a county which is usually battered by rain on a daily basis. Thanks to the weather I am officially feeling summery... How could I not? While the sun's been blazing in Donegal, I've been packing for three blissful months of warm weather in Ocean City, Maryland. This week is my final week of prep before I board a plane destined for the USA, as I'm going on a J1 working-holiday! I've never been to the States before so I'm super-excited! Eek!

Dress: Vintage (Flip, Dublin) // Ring: New Look // Belt: Vintage // Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Before I hop the pond, though, I have one final week in Ireland. Today I spent it wandering around the city of Derry... I was even motivated enough to take a few snaps, which I will share here soon!

As for my outfit, I took a few photos of it in the garden when I got home. It's a vintage dress which I have had for an absolute age, but I still love to wear it. The same goes for the shoes, but unfortunately, they are falling apart a little now. Not ideal when I am taking them to the US with me but I'm sure they'll hold up... Hopefully!

*Shout out to my mum for helping me take these photos.


  1. how exciting! which part will you be visiting?
    xo jac

    1. I'm going to be living in Ocean City in Maryland! I'm also going to travel around a bit and hopefully see New York... I am so excited! :)

  2. Hi Claire! :) I love the photos in the garden!
    I'm so excited for you to come visit the states. The U.S. is all I've known though and I'd LOVE to visit Ireland one day as well as Italy, France and Scotland!
    I hope you have fun in Maryland. Are you going to visit anywhere else while you are over here? I'm from the west coast (Cali) but I was just in NY for about a week and I LOVED it! I have one post done from a morning there:
    I'm working on many other posts to share my experience. Can't wait to read up on your experience in the states! :)

    Have a beautiful day,

    1. Aw thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, Kayla! You should definitely visit Ireland in the future, there is some amazing scenery here, and you'd get a warm welcome. :)
      I'm planning on visiting New York too so I will definitely have a gander at your NY blog post, and keep an eye out for more! Not sure where else I'll be visiting... I'd love to visit the west coast one day but I don't think I'll fit it in this time around.