Friday, 16 May 2014

My Internal Monologue, Voiced

On Wednesday I popped over to the All Ireland Creative Industries Conference, which was being hosted in Derry. Most of the talks were geared towards those who are already lucky enough to have careers in the industry, but I didn't really mind that I was an out-of-place student. These types of events are a source of inspiration for me, seeing the high-flying, successful people talk about the media and their role in the creative industry. It also makes me question what I want to do in the future.

I've posted here about numerous job interviews that I've been going to, but, as I'm sure you're aware, it's super competitive out there. I've yet to secure a position. Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I need a few months to do some soul-searching and to figure out what I really want to commit myself to. Maybe that's what I'll do.

In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell stresses the importance of practice by writing about the 10,000 Hour Rule: 10,000 hours is the amount of practice that you must put into something in order to become an absolute expert at it. It's a concept that resonated with me. There's no doubt in my mind that I want to put the hard-work in and excel at something... I just haven't figured out what exactly that is yet.

Before I started my Communication Studies course I was certain that I had figured it all out. I thought that I was destined to become an Advertising Executive. Maybe I still am, but, after three years of third year education, I am much less certain. My time at university has opened my eyes to so many other career options that I feel overwhelmed with choice. I've left university feeling a little confused, and for once in my life, I have yet to plan my next step.

What I'm trying to say, in a ridiculously long-winded way, is that I may be taking a year out, to concentrate on developing my interests and talents, and in the progress, figure out my next move. I emphasis the "may" because I can't be sure, who knows what opportunities may come knocking over the summer months. But for now, that's how it's looking. Sorry if I got a little heavy there, but I thought I'd share my thought process with you all!

Phew, now that I've got that off my chest... Time to plan a more lighthearted post! A new post will be up soon so keep an eye out for it! Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. same here T__T
    I've been majoring in music since high school, at middle school I though it gonna be the great life to be a music performer...
    but after three years in high school in young artist program I saw much more than when I was a kid... and I just can't walk back
    now I'm a senior in university still major in music performance...
    the pressure of performance life is enough for me, I have to move to the next step :)

    just still thinking which one :)

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    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one having this crisis! It's so tough to know what to do with your life isn't it!? Good luck with everything! :)

      Thanks for the comment, I'll definitely check out your blog!