Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dress & Impress: Tips for Interview Attire

Dress: Dorothy Perkins // Bag: Dorothy Perkins // Shoes: Dorothy Perkins // Camisole: Dunnes Stores // Tights: Dunnes Stores // Glasses: Juicy Couture

This week I attended an assessment centre and interview, in the hopes of bagging an amazing graduate position with a company I admire. As this was such an important step, one which could determine the post-college path I take, my outfit had to be carefully chosen. Above is what I wore. Most of the outfit is made up from items from Dorothy Perkins, which is quite a good spot for finding clothes for work or interviews, thanks to its selection of formal, yet fashionable, clothing. Anyway, since I thought so much about what I would be wearing, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on dressing for interviews.

My 3 Tips for Interview Attire:

- Go for Comfort:
You're probably going to be a little nervous when going for your interview, so why wear itchy/revealing/small outfit? You'll have enough to worry about, you don't want to be fretting about your uncomfortable attire too. If you're opting for a dress or skirt make sure it's not so short that you have to tug at it every few minutes. If you're wearing heels make sure you are able to walk in them! Wobbling about on sky-high stilettos isn't going to win you the job!

- Work the Monochrome Look:
You can't go wrong with a classic outfit in black and white. This colour scheme suits everyone, and it is ever-stylish. It doesn't have to be boring, either (see: my stripy bag below). If you are going for this look, then you might want to steer clear from thick black tights, as this may look a touch too dark. The tights I wore are in the shade 'barely black' and choosing these over the darker options ensured that my tights, shoes and bottom half of the dress didn't merge into one black blob.

- Test-Drive your Outfit:
A few days before your interview, put your outfit on and check yourself out in a mirror. Make sure you look presentable and that all the items you need (CV, portfolio, phone, identification, ...) fit neatly into your bag. Also check that any see-through parts of your outfit are accounted for (wear a camisole under your top, like I did, if you're worried about your bra being on show). Also, it sounds silly, but practice sitting down, especially if you are wearing a skirt or dress, and if it's difficult to move comfortably then the outfit is probably a tad too small. Doing all this well in advance means you will have a few days to pop to the shops if there's a problem with your outfit.

So those are my 3 simple tips, which should help you when choosing an interview outfit. Once you've got that sorted out, it's only a matter of chatting to the interviewer and making sure they know how fabulous you are! Good luck!

*Thanks to my mum for helping me take the photos.


  1. I hope your interview goes well (: I know how interview can be quite nerve racking at times! Amazing outfit too. x

  2. i just have to say that bag is absolutely gorgeous!! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

  3. Lovely post idea and some really helpful tips! I hope your interview went well!

  4. such a cute outfit!

  5. You are so right, I think wearing the right outfit on a job interview is vitally important. And I think that's a lot of pressure already, next to... you know... making a good impression verbally, so wearing something you feel comfortable in (but which is still presentable) will make a good impression non-verbally too. Oh.. the pains of getting a job....

    I hope your interview went well!

    1. Exactly! It is can be so tough getting a job, you know yourself that you'd be great employee but the hard part is convincing the interviewer!