Monday, 31 March 2014

Dreaming in Purple

Dress: Topshop // Top: New Look // Shoes: Clarks // Bag: Dorothy Perkins // Bracelet: Vintage // Ring: New Look

Over the weekend I helped Nicola with her photography project on Parkour, and ended up in a cool part of town because of it. My outfit had to be practical, as there would be a lot of moving about to help Nicola get the best photos possible of the Parkour peeps doing their thing - hence my trusty boots. I wanted the rest of my outfit to be cute though, as next on my agenda was a date.

I love how the graffiti behind me was also channeling the purple and stripy vibes.

The cool part of town that I speak of is this quirky art-space in an abandoned warehouse. It's called Mabos and it's filled with quirky creations, like the TV screen which looks like a retro GameBoy. And of course, art on the walls, like the two I got a snap of below. This is where the Parkour guys hang out and practice sometimes. The venue also hosts other activities, pop-up-yoga for instance, so Nicola and I are thinking of checking it out sometime soon.

Just a little heads up: If I end up posting a little infrequently over April, know that it's because I have a load of final year college work. It's not because I don't love you guys! Haha! And regardless of college work... I'll still be checking in with the blogging community and I have a few posts down the pipeline... You can't get rid of me that easily!

*Thanks to Nicola for helping me take the photos.


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  3. I love the different shades of purple! And the striped bad ahh <3
    good luck on your college work!