Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Scenic Drive in Donegal

Over the weekend I was back home in Donegal and my mum and I, somewhat impulsively, decided to go on a road trip! Said road trip came about because for my photography project I am taking photos of people's 'happy places', and my dad's favourite scenic spot is Fanad Head, an area which happens to have a lovely scenic route to it.

So my mum and I put on a few extra layers, picked up a map and headed out the door for our little adventure! It was a Saturday afternoon, so BBC R1's Danny Howard was blaring, providing some much appreciated dance tunes, a perfect soundtrack for a drive. The weather was atrocious, as you can see by looking at my wind-swept self below, but it didn't matter, we were in a great mood.

Besides, the rotten weather ensured that there were dramatic clouds in the sky, which added interest to my photographs. The one time when the strong winds was a problem, though, was after taking a picture of the lighthouse at Fanad Head. When getting back into the car, we opened both front doors at the time, and a gush of wind rushed through. In its force it whipped a €50 note, which had been sitting by the gear stick, up into the air and out of the car. High in the air, it was heading straight for the sea. I dashed out to grab it and, although it made it over a barbed-wire fence, I was just about able to throw my leg over the fence and stop the note with my foot when it paused on the ground for a second. I wasn't going to let €50 fly out the door - in student terms that equates to two nights out and a take-away!

Despite the drama with a runaway €50 note, I managed to get a pretty pic of Fanad Head's lighthouse. It wasn't hard though, the area is just so beautiful. I love how my family home sits in a county with some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland. Seriously, if you ever visit the country, or if you live in Ireland already, it's well worth renting a car and checking out the West of Donegal. These sights can be found on the Fanad Scenic Drive. Happy exploring, fellow adventurers!


  1. Oh, gosh, you and your photos are gorgeous! I'm looking through your blog and I'm just drooling over your photography!