Saturday, 8 February 2014


This is my first post of the week because I was visiting Berlin with my university's photography society! In fact, Marie and I were head organisers/tour guides/general mothers of the group, so it wasn't just a holiday. It was challenging and worrying at times, being responsible for so many people (THIRTY-TWO other students, that is). Overall, though, it was so much fun! Here's what we did, it may give you a few ideas if you decide to travel to the German capital in the future! I recommend it!

Alternative Street Tour and Graffiti Workshop: I was attracted to this tour because it combined an alternative/art tour with a chance to use make your own graffiti masterpiece! The tour part was a little disappointing as we were only taken down one street to see the artwork, so it wasn't much of a show-around. The workshop made it worthwhile, though, we had a laugh making our own stencils and using the spray cans. So, if you're looking for a chance to mess around and create some art with friends, this could be for you, whereas if it's a proper tour of Berlin and its street art that you're looking for, perhaps try this one instead, I did it in the Summer and it was great.

The TV Tower: Grab a ticket for €12.50 to see a 360 degrees view of the city. We went up at night, but I've also been up during the day, either way it's worth it. It just depends if you're on the look out for spotting landmarks (go during the light hours) or if you'd rather just sit with a cocktail and watch the twinkling city below (go up after dark). Plus, you should have a walk around the corner and have a bounce on the mini trampolines (they're opposite the Starbucks). Sure, they're supposed to be for kids but why would that stop you? If you're hungry after your bouncing you should pop over to the Alex restaurant, next door to the TV Tower entrance, for a currywurst.

Fassbender and Rausch Chocolatiers: For all chocolate-lovers visiting the city - this is a must. Downstairs there are stacks of chocolate goodies, and upstairs is my favourite part, the cafe. Being a non-tea, non-coffee drinker, hot chocolate is my thing, so I was in heaven with my cup of the hot stuff. Eileen and I also shared a platter of chocolate treats. We almost OD'ed on chocolate! It was delicious and it wasn't ridiculously expensive either, which was surprising!

So. Damn. Delicious. Also on my Instagram.

Yaam and The Berlin Wall: I was pleased to see that Yaam was open when we visited! Yaam is this cool courtyard, reagge, beach-bar area. I'd been there before in the Summer and it was such a cool place to hang in the sun with a 'Sweet Mother' meal from the food cart. Of course, the vibe there in the Winter is different, there's hardly anyone there and there's no music blaring, but it's still a great place to pick up some food and admire the street art before a walk down the East or West Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.

Myself with my 'Sweet Mother' meal! Also on my Instagram.

And finally... Night-Life in Berlin: If you're after cheesy tunes check out Matrix, whereas if you're looking for flashing lights, techno and a venue that looks alarmingly like a prison, Tresor is for you. Perhaps you're looking for a club complete with its own double-bed and mini-cinema (who isn't?), then try out Cookies. Or do what we did and party at all of them on different nights!

BONUS TIP: If you're passing the Radisson Blu hotel, on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, then have a cheeky look inside for a surprise. (Psst: that surprise is one gigantic fish-tank. Photos don't do it justice you've got to check it out!)

That was what I got up to in Berlin! I'm so annoyed that I didn't take an outfit post over there, what a waste of an opportunity! Hopefully I'll jet off somewhere somewhere new soon, and I won't make the mistake again... Looks like America's on my agenda for the Summer... Can't wait for that!

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