Monday, 10 February 2014

Style Me College

Dress: Penny's // Top: Penny's // Boots: Clarks

Today, was my first day back at college! It began with my lecture on Film History and Theory and this was closely followed by a few drinks at the student bar... It's safe to assume that I got back into the swing of student life pretty quickly! I'm glad to be back, not only because I get to catch up with friends and enjoy the social life, but also because I have something to do again! No more days of lounging about in my PJs. Sure, those chill days are great but after a month of it I'm definitely ready to get busy again!

As for my outfit, I like it because it means I get to wear my super summery dress in the middle of winter! The purple top I covers the dress' cutouts, so it's cold weather-friendly. Plus, I'm wearing my golden bracelet which my grandmother gave my mum and shortly after this I claimed it for myself! It's pretty much the only heirloom we have, so I love it, it reminds me of my family!

Necklace worn as a Braclet: Topshop // Bracelet: Vintage (it was my grandmother's originally!)

*Thanks to my friend Alan for helping me take the photos.


  1. Wow, stunning pictures.... I love this natural sunlight. *___*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. Btw, follow you back on bloglovin. ;-)

  3. love the crochet top, so cute! :)

  4. You look awesome. I love the first photo it's a fantastic image :)

  5. Hi I've nominated you for a liebster blog award! take a look :)

    1. Amazing! Thanks so much! I'm writing a blog post on it answering the questions and nominating the blogs and it will be posted online this weekend! :D

  6. You make a summer dress look properly cool in this chilly weather, good stuff. Ah I miss the days of being a student and hanging for with friends after!

    Katie » Tattyboots

  7. Great outfit. Love the bag! :)
    Come and visit my blog if you want!


  8. Ah I love the way you dress! It's simple but so lovely! (especially loving the blue polka-dots!)

  9. I love your outfit, Claire! You have a great sense of style, and you look so natural in that lighting. The gold bracelet fits well with your vintage look. I should thank your grandmother for giving you such a beatiful piece. I hope you enjoy college, and even moreso, dressing up for your classes. All the best no you! :)

    Angelica Jenkins @ Royal Gold