Thursday, 27 February 2014

Parisian Chic

Last month I visited the French capital, which I have already chatted about here. I've already posted a personal outfit post from the trip, but I have yet to share the outfits of my fabulously stylish friends. So... Here are a few snaps of Fiona (the blonde) and Sorcha (the brunette) from As Told By Sorcha.

In other news, I've finished designing the second edition of the student-made magazine The Look, in time for it to be launched at DCU's fashion show next week. I'm so relieved to have this done, because it took over my life for a few a while, and when you mix this responsibility with college work and chairing Fotosoc I was close to collapsing under the weight of my to-do list. Having said all that, I will never regret committing myself to The Look... I can't wait to share it here once it's been released, I think it looks pretty good. Now that it's been designed, I should have a few spare hours in my day for taking photos for the blog, so hopefully I'll get some personal style images up this weekend. For now, I'm excited to curl up and finally catch up on my much needed beauty sleep. Night!

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