Thursday, 27 February 2014

Parisian Chic

Last month I visited the French capital, which I have already chatted about here. I've already posted a personal outfit post from the trip, but I have yet to share the outfits of my fabulously stylish friends. So... Here are a few snaps of Fiona (the blonde) and Sorcha (the brunette) from As Told By Sorcha.

In other news, I've finished designing the second edition of the student-made magazine The Look, in time for it to be launched at DCU's fashion show next week. I'm so relieved to have this done, because it took over my life for a few a while, and when you mix this responsibility with college work and chairing Fotosoc I was close to collapsing under the weight of my to-do list. Having said all that, I will never regret committing myself to The Look... I can't wait to share it here once it's been released, I think it looks pretty good. Now that it's been designed, I should have a few spare hours in my day for taking photos for the blog, so hopefully I'll get some personal style images up this weekend. For now, I'm excited to curl up and finally catch up on my much needed beauty sleep. Night!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

1920s Photoshoot: Sparkles and Suits

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting the promotional photographs for the Style Society's 1920s themed ball! The location was Café En Seine, which is on Dawson Street in Dublin. I recommend checking it out if you're looking for a quirky place to have a coffee. I also found out recently that they also host speed dating nights - my friends and I are thinking of trying it out for the laughs. Apparently it's what people did in the olden days before Tinder? Haha.

Anyway, shooting this was a lot of fun, even though it was super stressful when the studio lights decided to malfunction as I tried to take the photo above. This was a damn nuisance because the photo of everyone together is the most important - it's the one which will be used for the promotional poster. Oh well, the lights (sort-of) worked in the end and I ended up with some photos that I'm pretty happy with. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Photographer: Me!
Assistant Photographer: Rachel Quinn
Stylist: Jessica Gaffney

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Blogging Journey & Beyond: Liebster Blog Award

Thank you so much to Natasha from This and That, who nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award last week. This is an award which recognises bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. With a humble 29 followers on Bloglovin' at the moment, my blog qualifies and I'm so happy that it's been noticed!

- You must link the person who nominated you
- You must answer all 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
- You must nominate 11 of your favourite blogs and give them 11 questions to answer
- You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
- Remember to leave a comment to the people you have nominated

As you can see from the rules, the nomination comes with questions from Natasha, which prompted me to reflect on my journey as a blogger so far...

When did you start a blog and why?
I originally started this blog, under the name of Media Muttering, in 2012 for quite boring reasons... I had just began my Communication Studies course and I was looking to document all my media-related endeavours in an effort to impress potential employers and contacts. Unsurprisingly, blogging felt like a chore when I made it all about my academic progress, so my enthusiasm for creating content quickly dwindled. But, at the end of 2013 I revamped the blog so that it was geared towards what I enjoyed reading and writing about. Hence the name was changed to Technicolour Dreamer and the content became lifestyle and fashion related. Now I blog for fun and I've loved my blogging experience ever since.
How did you decide on the look of your blog?
When I decided to change the direction of my blog, I knew I had to get serious about my blog design. So I invested in the A Beautiful Mess Blog Design Love e-course (which has now been removed from their website, but keep an eye on their blog because they'll be introducing new e-courses in the future) and followed their tips and tricks. I gathered inspiration on Pinterest with typography and colour inspiration boards. I also kept a physical notebook with magazine clippings which would inspire the look of my blog. With this preparation I was able to have a mess around on Photoshop and create the header, buttons and a background used on this blog. I like to think the blog's look is similar to my own style: Cute and somewhat colourful.
What was the reason behind your blog's name?
I think it reflects my optimistic personality and the way that I love to daydream (read: laze around). Plus - it sounds cool.
Which social media site do you spend the most time on?
I wish I could say Instagram (it's my all-time favourite social networking site), but realistically it's Facebook - there's always a notification to check or a humorous status to like. I haven't made Technicolour Dreamer fan pages on social media yet, but for now you can follow me on Instagram here.

Who is your favourite musician and why?
What a tough question! I don't think I could choose an all-time favourite, but right now I'm loving Haim. I'm going to see them soon so I'll say Este Haim is my favourite musician. I appreciate the attitude and the bass-face.
What do you like to do when you are not blogging?
In a nutshell? I like to discover new places with old friends, whether it's galleries, nightclubs, parks, quirky little shops and cafés, wherever... And then take pretty photos there. Also, I like to eat a lot!
What's your job? Do you enjoy it?
I am currently a student and it's great! I love the lectures, society life, and the free time and independence which comes along with student status. Student discounts are a great bonus too.
What would you like to be doing this time next year?
Ideally, I'll be in London (or some other cool city) in a graduate role with an interesting company, blogging and experiencing the city in my spare time, with old and new friends. I'd also like to be doing semi-regular photoshoots on weekends.
What do you want to achieve from your blog? I blog to share some highlights of my days in my own little corner of the internet so I can look back on it in the future. Plus I would love to make some blogger friends. Mainly, I want to have fun with it and anything more, little awards like this one or offers to work with brands, is a welcome bonus.
Who is your favourite blogger and why? I have so many! But if I were to choose just one it would be Violet from Blythe Ponytail Parades. Violet's blog is so special, filled with her pretty photographs and accompanied by text which gives a little insight to her life. She clearly cares about her blog and devotes a lot of time to it. Plus, she comes across as an absolute sweetheart. Violet's blog was one of the first that I followed when I started out blogging. It was blogs like Violet's which made me realise that lifestyle blogs are what I love to read, thus this is the style of blog that I should write if I am to enjoy blogging. So, I owe a lot to Violet and her lovely blog.
Do you have a favourite website that is not linked to blogging? I'm a wannabe movie buff so I love the IMDB website. After a good film I religiously check the associated Trivia section!

Counting Magpies
Keys of Anouk
Cassius Rose
Be A Goddess
Goshdarnit Designs
Love Letters and Snippets
Popcorn and Glitter
Flora Foxes
Style Crescent
Concrete Collar
Dream in Neon

How do you promote your blog?
What is your favourite blog post that you've created and why?
What blogger would you most like to meet and why?
Where is your favourite place to visit?
How would you describe your style?
How do you relax after a busy day?
What is your favourite season and why?
What always puts you in a good mood?
What food do you never get sick of?
Twitter, Instagram or Vine?
What inspires you?

I hope this post gave you a little bit of an insight to my life and that you enjoyed reading about my blogging experience thus far. And please check out a few of the blogs that I've linked in this post, I nominated them because I really do love to see their updates in my feed!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Golden Night

Top: Vintage // Shorts: Penny's // Belt: Penny's // Bracelet: Topshop // Shoes: Penny's

I just HAD to share the outfit that I wore clubbing last night -even though I look ever-so-hungover in the photos! A little wander around Temple Bar's shops yesterday lead me to the cute crop top, only a tenner on sale. Once I bought it I couldn't bear to plonk it in a wardrobe for the indefinite future - oh no, that wouldn't do, I had to get a full ensemble immediately! So, I trotted off to Penny's (the Irish name for Primark - FYI) and stumbled across the perfect items to compliment the top - including shoes, on sale for €9! The most impressive find, though, has to be the velvet shorts, the 'bargain of the day' according to the shop assistant. These velvet shorts cost an entire euro. That's *one* euro. Throw in the golden belt and the bracelet and the whole outfit cost me around €25. Yay! If you hadn't noticed that I'm a sucker for a good deal then this post should set that straight!

In case you were wondering, I had a good night out in my new outfit! I'll definitely wear it again soon. In other news, Natasha from This and That nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award - what a sweetheart! I have a few questions to answer and my favourite blogs to nominate so that post will be going up this weekend!

*Thanks to Alan for helping me take the photos.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Style Me College

Dress: Penny's // Top: Penny's // Boots: Clarks

Today, was my first day back at college! It began with my lecture on Film History and Theory and this was closely followed by a few drinks at the student bar... It's safe to assume that I got back into the swing of student life pretty quickly! I'm glad to be back, not only because I get to catch up with friends and enjoy the social life, but also because I have something to do again! No more days of lounging about in my PJs. Sure, those chill days are great but after a month of it I'm definitely ready to get busy again!

As for my outfit, I like it because it means I get to wear my super summery dress in the middle of winter! The purple top I covers the dress' cutouts, so it's cold weather-friendly. Plus, I'm wearing my golden bracelet which my grandmother gave my mum and shortly after this I claimed it for myself! It's pretty much the only heirloom we have, so I love it, it reminds me of my family!

Necklace worn as a Braclet: Topshop // Bracelet: Vintage (it was my grandmother's originally!)

*Thanks to my friend Alan for helping me take the photos.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


This is my first post of the week because I was visiting Berlin with my university's photography society! In fact, Marie and I were head organisers/tour guides/general mothers of the group, so it wasn't just a holiday. It was challenging and worrying at times, being responsible for so many people (THIRTY-TWO other students, that is). Overall, though, it was so much fun! Here's what we did, it may give you a few ideas if you decide to travel to the German capital in the future! I recommend it!

Alternative Street Tour and Graffiti Workshop: I was attracted to this tour because it combined an alternative/art tour with a chance to use make your own graffiti masterpiece! The tour part was a little disappointing as we were only taken down one street to see the artwork, so it wasn't much of a show-around. The workshop made it worthwhile, though, we had a laugh making our own stencils and using the spray cans. So, if you're looking for a chance to mess around and create some art with friends, this could be for you, whereas if it's a proper tour of Berlin and its street art that you're looking for, perhaps try this one instead, I did it in the Summer and it was great.

The TV Tower: Grab a ticket for €12.50 to see a 360 degrees view of the city. We went up at night, but I've also been up during the day, either way it's worth it. It just depends if you're on the look out for spotting landmarks (go during the light hours) or if you'd rather just sit with a cocktail and watch the twinkling city below (go up after dark). Plus, you should have a walk around the corner and have a bounce on the mini trampolines (they're opposite the Starbucks). Sure, they're supposed to be for kids but why would that stop you? If you're hungry after your bouncing you should pop over to the Alex restaurant, next door to the TV Tower entrance, for a currywurst.

Fassbender and Rausch Chocolatiers: For all chocolate-lovers visiting the city - this is a must. Downstairs there are stacks of chocolate goodies, and upstairs is my favourite part, the cafe. Being a non-tea, non-coffee drinker, hot chocolate is my thing, so I was in heaven with my cup of the hot stuff. Eileen and I also shared a platter of chocolate treats. We almost OD'ed on chocolate! It was delicious and it wasn't ridiculously expensive either, which was surprising!

So. Damn. Delicious. Also on my Instagram.

Yaam and The Berlin Wall: I was pleased to see that Yaam was open when we visited! Yaam is this cool courtyard, reagge, beach-bar area. I'd been there before in the Summer and it was such a cool place to hang in the sun with a 'Sweet Mother' meal from the food cart. Of course, the vibe there in the Winter is different, there's hardly anyone there and there's no music blaring, but it's still a great place to pick up some food and admire the street art before a walk down the East or West Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.

Myself with my 'Sweet Mother' meal! Also on my Instagram.

And finally... Night-Life in Berlin: If you're after cheesy tunes check out Matrix, whereas if you're looking for flashing lights, techno and a venue that looks alarmingly like a prison, Tresor is for you. Perhaps you're looking for a club complete with its own double-bed and mini-cinema (who isn't?), then try out Cookies. Or do what we did and party at all of them on different nights!

BONUS TIP: If you're passing the Radisson Blu hotel, on the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, then have a cheeky look inside for a surprise. (Psst: that surprise is one gigantic fish-tank. Photos don't do it justice you've got to check it out!)

That was what I got up to in Berlin! I'm so annoyed that I didn't take an outfit post over there, what a waste of an opportunity! Hopefully I'll jet off somewhere somewhere new soon, and I won't make the mistake again... Looks like America's on my agenda for the Summer... Can't wait for that!