Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paris: What I Wore at the Eiffel Tower

I promised style photos from Paris, and here they are! This is what I wore on our trek up the Eiffel Tower, so I was thankful that I chose comfy boots rather fancy but awkward footwear. Besides, I love my boots!

The satchel is another item which was chosen for its practicality. The fact that it's pretty as well as useful is an added bonus, of course. I needed a sizable bag to bring all my essentials, which included my bulky camera.

Unfortunately, you can't see my carousel necklace very well in this photo, but I wanted to mention it because I think it is a nice little touch. When I was in school I went to Paris on a school trip and the place where I got the prettiest pictures were on a cute carousel, so the accessory is quite apt.

Cardigan: H&M // Dress: Topshop // Skirt: Topshop // Ring: Dorothy Perkins // Necklace: New Look // Boots: New Look // Glasses: Juicy Couture // Coat: H! By Henry Holland // Satchel: From a local boutique

As for the cardigan, I purchased this from H&M that day. Although I was on a tight budget in Paris, I couldn't resist buying it, as it was on sale and it went so well with what I was already wearing. Plus, the extra layer was welcomed as it was damn chilly!

So, this was my outfit, which I wore at the Eiffel Tower and around Paris this week! You can read more about my gallivant around The City of Love, here.

*Thanks to my friend Caoimhe for helping me take the photos.


  1. What a lovely cardigan, pretty outfit!

  2. that velvet skirt is beautiful, the colour is amazing! RR xx

  3. your skirt is so perf <3

  4. I love that you have worn the skirt over the top of the dress - it looks great! A very nice cardigan too!

  5. nice outfit!

  6. Lovely outfit! Paris is sweet really!

  7. Oh wow! Very very jealous of both your outfit and the fact that you're in Paris.

  8. loving every piece of this outfit! the colours, textures and so on. i wanna visit paris very soon for sure! xx

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  9. I miss Paris so much (I've only been just the once!) opting for boots was a wise decision I wore trainers! as there was tones of walking involved! Know what you mean about the bulky camera/big bag situation.

    Loving the velvet skirt on you xxxx