Sunday, 19 January 2014

Having a Gander at the Creative Expo

I had the pleasure of visiting Showcase, Ireland's Creative Expo, at the RDS with a friend and fellow blogger, Raychel. According to our name-badges we were there as 'Buyers', but really we were just there for a gander! The expo is filled to the brim with Irish designers who create beautiful fashion pieces, homeware and crafts. It's the perfect hub for inspiration so have a little browse through the photos that I took today...

Such a cool little display by Ireland's Eye. I think it's just for display but I love that knitted sofa!

These top hats by Claire Hurley caught my eye immediately - they are just so intricate and unique.

As well as the stalls there were mini-events which run throughout the day, including a fashion show and industry talks. There were some interesting looks at the fashion show and I definitely got a few style ideas from it. Also, I love that little, white knitted cape in the photo above!

We only had time to attend one talk, which was the Social Media seminar. I wanted to catch that one in case I decided to go down this route career-wise... Yes, you can become a paid Social Networker and it's something I'm looking into! While the tips given were a bit basic, it was a talk for beginners after all, I'm still glad I got to see it because the speaker was the owner of an adorable shop and Facebook page called Moss Cottage. The Facebook page is full of home decor inspiration and I recommend liking it this instant!

So those were my highlights from the expo! It was great to have a wander round and see what the creative-types of Ireland are up to these days. I'm so lucky to have got the opportunity to do it too, so thanks so much Raychel for sorting me out with a ticket!

Tomorrow I'm hopping on over to Paris for a short stint with Sorcha. So there may be a few days of silence but I'll be back next weekend, hopefully with a collection of gorgeous photos from my trip!


  1. It looks beautiful and inspiring there! :) xo

    1. Yeah it was great! :D Thanks so much for taking the time to comment I really do appreciate it! x

  2. Loving the heritage vibes, looks like a fun day!

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest posts for some inspiration too :) xx

    1. It was so much fun! You have a great blog, I gave you a follow! :)