Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Winter Wedding: Fur Coats, Family and Food

I love any excuse to get dressed up, and a big Irish wedding is the perfect occasion to pin up my frizzy hair and don unreasonably high heels. My first full day back in my home county and I was treated to a huge family party - because, let's be honest, that's what a wedding amounts to! The wedding of Henry and my darling cousin, Caroline, was undoubtedly the family event of 2013.

Somehow we were the first to arrive at the wedding - surprising since I'm inexplicably late-for-everything, usually. They had yet to even roll out the red carpet... Which you can see rolled up next to us, slightly spoiling our photo, above.

Letterkenny Cathedral was as chilly as you'd expect for an Irish winter wedding. To be honest, it didn't bother us ladies because it gave us a reason to continue to show off our fabulous (our word of the day!) coats. The photo below shows my mum, my cousin, Katie, and I in our seats in the church. My mum was wearing an undeniably fab faux-fur coat from Pippa Boutique. She has given me permission to borrow it, so yay to that! She better keep an eye on it if she doesn't want it to disappear with me to Dublin after the Christmas break. My coat was from Dorothy Perkins and, while I'm not sure where Katie's is from, I can safely say that she was not a step behind in the fashion stakes.

Anyway, enough about us insignificant guests, let's chat about the gorgeous bride. Or, the 'princess', as Katie so sweetly put it. Caroline looked absolutely stunning, walking down the aisle in her white dress, with her dad. Aww!

After the ceremony we all hopped into our cars and drove to Harvey's Point for the reception. I'd never realised what an amazing venue this was until last week. A group of us sneaked into my cousin's hotel room. It was the deluxe room (she was lucky enough to nab a free upgrade!) and it was complete with a huge bathtub, a mini bar section and a bed which could fit 8 people (we tried and succeeded).

I really do love weddings... Family reunite, we drink and dance together, and we eat. And boy, did we eat. The sheer amount of food provided was incredible. After the soup, we were presented with a buffet starter selection, and we could pile as much as we wanted onto our plates. Now, as anyone who has known me for more than 5 minutes will know, I enjoy food. A lot. And the starter just so happens to be my favourite part of a meal. So you can imagine my delight when presented with an excess of 20 different dishes to pick and choose from. Noodles, rice, prawns, ham, fruit, were all piled on and balanced on my plate. There was a similar layout for the dessert including fresh crepes and a chocolate fountain. Divine.

Anyway, once the plates were cleared and there was plenty of time for dancing... And lots and lots of photos. The iPhone is not the device to get if you want to control your narcissism - every shiny surface passed was another photo opportunity!

So congrats to Henry and Caroline! Oh, by the way, follow me on Instagram for even more narcissistic posts!

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