Monday, 14 October 2013

My First Date

Last week I celebrated my 21st birthday and a few surprises came along with it. My good friend Nicole, from New Zealand, had dug up the time capsule we'd buried years ago and she sent me the contents! Inside was a mortifying poem I wrote when I was around 10. On seeing this, Sorcha decided to get in on the action and created her own dramatic rendition of the piece. It's hilarious and makes for a perfect birthday surprise, after all, embarrassing moments are compulsory when you turn 21.

It does the poem justice, I think!


  1. Ahh that must have been pretty surreal! I've never done anything like a time capsule, maybe i should attempt a yearly one x

    1. It was so strange! You definitely should, it's a lot of fun to look back on your life through time capsules!