Monday, 16 September 2013

Bohemian Paradise

After planning for a month it was finally time to hang bunting, scatter faux-petals and, in the process, transform my family home into an undisputed bohemian paradise. Eileen came up from Dublin early and ended up spending the whole day decorating for my 21st birthday party. Poor Eileen, my Mum and I really did not give her a break, her trip up was more like a working holiday than a relaxing escape to the country! But I'm glad we bossed her around, because with the help from Eilo and my parents the house was made to look perfect, just check out the photos:

My Mum says the only thing that looks out of place in this image is the jar of glowsticks... But you can't have a party, even a Bohemian themed party, without a bit of neon!

Unfortuntely, I forgot to take a picture of the landing which we turned into a chill-out area with pillows, a floral duvet cover used as a mat, fairy lights, all topped off with a cute mosquito net. That was particularly magical, along with the fire hazard that was my living room (see the photo below). At god-knows-what hour four of my best friends and I squeezed next to each other in the chill-out area and did exactly that - relaxed and chatted about nothing in particular.

Although the party was way more chill than my 17th and 18th, both of which were also hosted at my house, it was fun in its own way. I had the opportunity to catch up with my roomies, who I must say personified the bo-ho theme. Also, I reunited with Raychel, who I've known since I moved over to Ireland with no friends... I first met her when desperately trying to be less of a loner at Letterkenny's Youth Drama Club. Plus, it gave me a chance to have fun with some Donegal friends that I may not see much of when I trek back to the city, including my bestie Sorcha who will be off to Paris to study next week! So, all-in-all I had a great night!

The face paint came out and was used to great effect!

Just before I sign-off, here's two images which show my bohemian outfit. When compared to my bo-ho themed friends it is subtle, but I still love it, any excuse to wear a flower crown...


  1. The atmosphere is amazing !
    Evia x

    1. Thanks! So glad you commented because it's brought my attention to you blog... I'm having a creep through it now and I love it!

  2. This looks like such a fun party! Everything looks so lovely (and so delicious!). Happy belated birthday!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. I love parties with good decoration and especially when there is a theme! Your dresses and hair look great as well.

    1. Yeah I love parties with themes too! Thank you! :)