Friday, 13 September 2013

Belfast Media Festival... In Derry

I tackled another Culture Tech event today and yesterday, this time it was the Belfast Media Festival! The attendees mainly seemed to be already working in the media and were using the event for networking. However, the newbies weren't ignored with an opening talk on 'Getting In' hosted by Simon Wright (BBC), Priscilla Baffour (Channel 4) and Sarah McCaffrey (UTV). They shared advice on how to weasel your way into the industry. As far as I can tell, it boils down to persistence and networking. They also chatted briefly about the different schemes available to those interested in pursuing a career in the media:

As part of the festival, the BBC Academy hosted some camera workshops which went through the basics of using a (fancy-ass) video camera. Focusing, exposure, white balance were explained and demonstrated and we were also treated to a talk on 'Getting Creative with the Lens'. Out of all the participants, I was definitely the most inexperienced. Luckily, some of the key concepts, such as depth of field, are relevant to both video and photography, so I wasn't too lost.

Finally, thanks to the Royal Television Society I attended a one-to-one careers guidance session with Joe Mahon, presenter of Lesser Spotted Ulster. I had ten minutes to pester him for advice! An excellent opportunity to get a few specific questions answered and it nicely wrapped up the whole Belfast Media Festival for me!

I loved getting a taste of media madness, something I've missed since coming home for the summer. Now I am pumped for my return to DCU where the madness will begin again!

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