Friday, 20 September 2013

Suitcase Packed, Out the Door

One last day was spent with Sorcha before her Parisian adventure begins! Alan completed the trio and we spent the day gossiping over tea and cake before taking photos along a country road by my house. It was so much fun and the perfect way to say goodbye to Sorcha. It's exciting times because now I have an excuse to take a weekend break in Paris!

The photos below are of both Sorcha and Alan, looking like a loved-up couple... Cute! Although Alan was wearing his hangover jumper he still fits right in! Oh, and those are Sorcha's glasses, by the way, that Alan took a fancy to. They make him look even more hipster than usual. As you can tell from the photos, it was an overcast day and pretty chilly too so good on Sorcha for whipping off her coat and embracing the crisp air!

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Bohemian Paradise

After planning for a month it was finally time to hang bunting, scatter faux-petals and, in the process, transform my family home into an undisputed bohemian paradise. Eileen came up from Dublin early and ended up spending the whole day decorating for my 21st birthday party. Poor Eileen, my Mum and I really did not give her a break, her trip up was more like a working holiday than a relaxing escape to the country! But I'm glad we bossed her around, because with the help from Eilo and my parents the house was made to look perfect, just check out the photos:

My Mum says the only thing that looks out of place in this image is the jar of glowsticks... But you can't have a party, even a Bohemian themed party, without a bit of neon!

Unfortuntely, I forgot to take a picture of the landing which we turned into a chill-out area with pillows, a floral duvet cover used as a mat, fairy lights, all topped off with a cute mosquito net. That was particularly magical, along with the fire hazard that was my living room (see the photo below). At god-knows-what hour four of my best friends and I squeezed next to each other in the chill-out area and did exactly that - relaxed and chatted about nothing in particular.

Although the party was way more chill than my 17th and 18th, both of which were also hosted at my house, it was fun in its own way. I had the opportunity to catch up with my roomies, who I must say personified the bo-ho theme. Also, I reunited with Raychel, who I've known since I moved over to Ireland with no friends... I first met her when desperately trying to be less of a loner at Letterkenny's Youth Drama Club. Plus, it gave me a chance to have fun with some Donegal friends that I may not see much of when I trek back to the city, including my bestie Sorcha who will be off to Paris to study next week! So, all-in-all I had a great night!

The face paint came out and was used to great effect!

Just before I sign-off, here's two images which show my bohemian outfit. When compared to my bo-ho themed friends it is subtle, but I still love it, any excuse to wear a flower crown...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Belfast Media Festival... In Derry

I tackled another Culture Tech event today and yesterday, this time it was the Belfast Media Festival! The attendees mainly seemed to be already working in the media and were using the event for networking. However, the newbies weren't ignored with an opening talk on 'Getting In' hosted by Simon Wright (BBC), Priscilla Baffour (Channel 4) and Sarah McCaffrey (UTV). They shared advice on how to weasel your way into the industry. As far as I can tell, it boils down to persistence and networking. They also chatted briefly about the different schemes available to those interested in pursuing a career in the media:

As part of the festival, the BBC Academy hosted some camera workshops which went through the basics of using a (fancy-ass) video camera. Focusing, exposure, white balance were explained and demonstrated and we were also treated to a talk on 'Getting Creative with the Lens'. Out of all the participants, I was definitely the most inexperienced. Luckily, some of the key concepts, such as depth of field, are relevant to both video and photography, so I wasn't too lost.

Finally, thanks to the Royal Television Society I attended a one-to-one careers guidance session with Joe Mahon, presenter of Lesser Spotted Ulster. I had ten minutes to pester him for advice! An excellent opportunity to get a few specific questions answered and it nicely wrapped up the whole Belfast Media Festival for me!

I loved getting a taste of media madness, something I've missed since coming home for the summer. Now I am pumped for my return to DCU where the madness will begin again!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Culture Tech: When Google Becomes Self-Aware

Tech Nerds and Media Heads of Ulster are surely rejoicing after a day of excellent events, put on as part of the Culture Tech festival in Derry... I know I got my media fix for the day! I sat myself down in the Invest Northern Ireland Pop-Up Shop ready to be informed on the world of publishing, animation and crowdfunding, and how they are set to change in the future, or, as Paul Young from Cartoon Saloon put it, when Google becomes self-aware and takes over the planet.

Image Source:

First up, a talk on animation by Laura Campbell of Cheers Dog Ears and Paul Young of Cartoon Saloon (the Irish animation company behind Oscar-nominated feature 'The Secret of Kells'). Although I have no future plans to learn animation, I thoroughly enjoyed the talk, simply as a film lover. I felt like I had been granted behind-the-scenes access as they showed us clips from the 'Song of the Sea', the feature film which is currently being made, and will feature the voice talents of Brendan Gleeson and Lisa Hannagian. They work in 2D and the animation is beautiful, with utterly adorable characters.

The next event was a panel of crowd-fundraisers, one who raised £80,000 to start his cheese business and the other who achieved his goal of generating €7500 for a film called Mr. Happy. Again, while I'm not planning to be a Kickstarter anytime soon, it was interesting to hear how these guys got funded in an unconventional way. Besides, when I'm a Communications graduate, starting my own business may be my only option, so it doesn't hurt to play with the notion of crowdfunding.

My day was finished with a talk by Hugh Odling-Smee (Whittrick Press) on what is in store for the publishing industry. Following that I practically skipped back to the car. I love to geek out over this type of stuff and with the Belfast Media Festival being hosted in Derry tomorrow the geeking is set to continue! Have no fear, I'll blabber on about that too! Hopefully with more pictures next time!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Chris: 18 and Ready to Party

To kick off my personal posts on this blog, I'll happily share some images of my brother's birthday bash, his 18th to be precise. As is the norm for a Petersen party, we went all out with the decoration, although the proposed festival theme was partly sidelined due to the awful, wet weather (though, in retrospect the rain was in keeping with the festival experience). There were cups of glowsticks, stars hanging from the ceiling and Skittles which had been meticulously separated into the five classic colours and displayed in glass jars... My mum and I get a tad obsessive when it comes to party planning!

Mum and I grabbed these storage units in Dunelm Mill for a bargain price... We knew we'd be able to use them for something. Ultimately we bought these cute, striped paper bags, filled them up with certain sweets and wrote the type of candy of each section in chalk.

My attempt at night club photography... It doesn't seem to work as well with fairy lights. Also, I may have had a few jam-jar cocktails by this point.

All in all it was a fun night, and Chris was surprised with fireworks and a birthday video of his friends' messages which I put together. And I thought the photos were sufficiently cute enough to act as the first post for the new era of my blog! By the way, have you noticed the blog's new theme? Minimalistic, but so much more beautiful than my old clunky blogger one which this blog wore previously.

Blogosphere, How I've Missed You

This blog has been dormant for too long so I've decided to welcome myself back to say... Hello! A lot has happened since I last chatted: I've hopped around Europe and completed my second year in DCU. While I pretty much abandoned my Blogger corner of the web, I introduced myself to Instagram and subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud to get all creative and what-not.

However I've missed my muttering on here, so I'm back! With my return I am bringing a few changes! Over the months this blog will be treated to a complete revamping. Here are my three blogging goals, to be completed by this time next month:

  1. Find a pretty, stylish layout for my blog, whether I create it myself or use a freebie found on the internet My new blog design is Putih Pekat and I got it here.
  2. Begin creating various posts about the little events that I experience with my friends and family, not only the media related part of my life
  3. Choose a new name for this blog which is better suited to the new direction it is taking This blog, formerly known as Media Muttering, is now called Technicolour Dreamer.

The reason for change? I've noticed that the blogs that I am in love with are world's away from my blog. While I would never aim to simply steal another blog's style, I have to ask myself: why would I write for a blog that I wouldn't choose to read? So I'm going to allow myself to be inspired by my fave blogs, namely Blythe Ponytail Parades, Lark and Lace and A Beautiful Mess, and point my blog to the path of these lifestyle and photography blogs.

To be clear, this doesn't mean that I will be abandoning my media-related posts. If this blog is going to have any chance at being successful, in the sense that I enjoy writing it then I need to keep writing about what interests me. That will always include the media and my experimentation with photography, video and radio. Rather than an entirely new creation, this is a reimagining of my original blog.

And now, to begin!