Sunday, 3 February 2013

Partying in Prague

This week Fotosoc took on the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. It was a picturesque paradise. Naturally I took a load of photos, however, they are nothing more than touristy snapshots. Still, here's a little slice of the city through photographs:

It was an amazing few days, and, as the title suggests, there was a lot of partying! It bought Fotosoc members closer together, all thirty of us have become brilliant friends after three nights of free beer, wine, vodka shots and shots of absinthe.

On the last day we had a little time to check out a camera shop, called Jan Pazdera, before we travelled home. It boasted a stunning range of vintage film cameras piled high behind the counter. And the people who worked their were friendly and exceptionally helpful.

Image source:

I really wanted a camera, as a functional souvenir from the trip! One of the members of staff pointed me towards an original lomography camera, the Cmeha Smena 8m, a sturdy-looking little guy made in god-knows-when in the USSR. Altogether, including a case and film it cost me €10. A handy enough way to get rid of the last of my Koruna. No idea if my first reel of film will be a success, but a tenner out of my pocket is definitely worth it for the chance to experiment.