Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DCUfm Show Proposal

Image source: https://twitter.com/DCUfm

With the summer dragging on, many DCU students are eager to get back on campus. Unfortunately, the joys of rambling lectures from dear old Des and co. can't be experienced until the 24th of September. Until then, you may be interested in having a think about what radio show you'd like to host in the new academic year.

The early-bird proposal form for a radio show on DCUfm has been put online. Click here and follow the guidelines on that page if you are a DCU student and thinking of hosting your own show.

I have written up a proposal for a show that I am extremely excited for! I don't want to share it here until it has been approved, but when it gets the go ahead I will immediately share it on this blog.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Photographer's Notebook

With the CAO offers out today everyone has been chatting about university in September. And so I was inspired to buy a notebook to use as a personal photography ideas/inspiration resource.

I bought a Moleskine (classy, and a tad excessive, I know) notebook, and a pen, and now I'm all set to begin organising my ideas. Hopefully, by the time college rolls 'round I'll have a few pages of notes to work with.

Here's a scribble I used to plan my photo for today, which will be uploaded shortly.

Also, congratulations to all on their CAO offers. If you're heading to DCU for the first time, then welcome.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Double Exposure Photos

Experimented with digital double exposure today, after coming across this blog post. Now, it seems, I have plants growing out of my skin. Still looks better than spots...

Banner for Film Soc: Take Two

At the beginning of summer I made a banner to be used to entice people to become a member of Film Soc on Clubs and Socs day. View the banner and the post about it here. Admittedly, it was basic, the popcorn bucket didn't even have anything in it!

So when I was asked to add more to it, I wasn't surprised, I had been planning to update it anyway, but ended up forgetting about it. However, I had no idea how to create the popcorn and film reel, so I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, Alan. Below is the completed poster:

The older version of the banner looks completely bare in comparison. Now that I have figured out how to make the popcorn and the film reel, I can't understand why I found it so difficult two months ago. Perhaps it was because I spent too long trying to do it on Illustrator, instead of just admitting defeat and using its simpler cousin Photoshop.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Crashing the Gothic Tea Party Poster

This Thursday, a youth fashion group that I have volunteered with will draw to a close. The final meeting is set to consist of a hair and make-up talk and pile of free sweets, along with the participants customised outfits on display.

Below is the poster I made to advertise the event on Facebook. Two of the themes that were given to help inspire the members were 'The Gothic Fairytale' and 'Crashing the Tea Party', and tried to I incorporated both of these elements in my poster.

Image sources (deep breath, there are five different images to credit here): http://mi9.com/wallpaper/gothic-fairy-wallpaper_29092/, http://anotherwanderer.deviantart.com/art/Gothic-fairytale-156812616, http://virgin-forest.blogspot.ie/2012/02/gothic-prom-dress.html, http://retrospectimages.com/blog/?p=81, http://simplybeautifulweddinghair.co.uk/events/

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fuschia Photos

I don't usually take nature photos, but seeing as the weather was actually pleasant yesterday I stepped into my garden to take some pictures.

When I looked at this image after uploading it I spotted the sections which have been edited incorrectly, just goes to show me that you can miss obvious mistakes in the editing process.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Cycle and Snap

I went for a bike ride with my camera today, down the country lane by my house. Below are a selection of the images that I captured. They aren't anything amazing, but at least they show that I am keeping up photography during my free time this summer. They say practice makes perfect. Could the perfect part come a bit sooner please?