Friday, 29 June 2012

My Canon Companion

Let me introduce you to my best, inanimate, friend. My Canon 1000D.

The camera corner in my room.

This chap follows me around if there are interesting photographs to be snapped. Well, as long as it is completely safe for it to do so - I am definitely like an overprotective parent when it comes to letting him out of the house. But it has been down to the river, accompanied me on my final day of secondary school (it's first workout!), has followed me to DCU and back to Donegal again.

Plans for the future? Within the next few days the second chapter of the Teacup Chronicles should be shared through images. Beyond that, it certainly needs another lens, as the standard one is at times restricting. I would love to try a macro lens, which is great for portrait shots, I hear, and I am currently saving up!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Secret Cinema

As part of the Celtronic festival in Derry, the Nerve Centre hosted an event entitled 'Secret Cinema'. My friends and I wandered into the venue not knowing what we were getting ourselves into - the leaflet had merely stated that the event would be a mixture of film and contemporary music.

Turns out the film to be show was Metropolis, a German, silent film of the 1920s. The twist was that modern music was played to accompany the film. Feelings were mixed among the group as to whether this added or took away from the experience.

Personally, I thought it was an interesting idea, and at times the music tied in well with the atmosphere. However to make a full judgement I would need to watch the film as it was originally intended to be seen.

Debates aside, it was a brilliant free event to attend to break up the long summer days, I certainly got my culture fix! Actually, I enjoyed the novelty of watching a silent film, and it reminded Sorcha and I that we have yet to see The Artist. The movie is certainly going on my 'to-watch' list.

On a separate note, the DCU exam results are out tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

CAO Decisions: Multimedia vs. Communications

CAO Decisions: Multimedia vs. Communications

The CAO deadline for change of mind is the 1st of July. This post will deal specifically with the choice between Multimedia and Communications in Dublin City University. I can see that only a select few will find this post useful - however it contains details that I wish I had access to when I was about to depart on the university chapter of my life, so I feel the need to share!

So if this post is not for you, feel free to check out my other posts instead. And here's an embarrassing photo of me for your troubles.

But why's the rum gone? -Embarrassing photo alert. Image credit (credit, really?): Alan Toye.


This time last year I had my mind made up. My CAO looked like this:

  • Communication Studies (CS) - DCU
  • Media Studies - Maynooth
  • Multimedia (MMA) - DCU

  • I was only going by what I learnt from the universities' prospectuses and from the internet. The vital ingredient that I missed, one which would have possibly influenced the order of that list, was the advice of someone who had experienced the courses. After completing my first year in DCU and seeing how both my course (Communication Studies) and my boyfriend's course (Multimedia) operates, I believe I can offer invaluable advice to a person wondering which choice to put first. The course I cannot comment on is Maynooth, as I do not know anyone in the course. Besides, if I were to go back in time and rearrange my CAO, I think DCU would occupy both the number one and two spot, due to the perfect size of the university, it's location and most importantly, the community feel due to the unparalleled society life.

    Saturday, 23 June 2012

    Would You Steal a Scene?

    Would You Steal A Scene?

    Ever thought: "I could recreate that scene" whilst watching a movie? Film 4 are encouraging you to think this, with the Scene Stealers competition they're currently running.

    Simply choose a scene from the list of films and recreate it. Sounds like fun. Could this be my next summer project? I'll keep you posted.

    The competition coincides with their 30th anniversary. Happy Birthday, Film 4!

    Thanks for producing spectacular films like Slumdog Millionaire!
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    Friday, 22 June 2012

    My First Duty As PRO

    My first duty as the PRO of Film Soc was to create a banner for the society. This banner will hopefully help encourage as many people as possible to join during Clubs and Socs Day in semester one.

    That popcorn bucket there was made partly on Illustrator and partly on Photoshop. I don't know if it's stupid to do it like that but I did it anyway. As I've said many times before... I just haven't quite figured out Illustrator yet.

    So here it is! I'll be sure to post about how the Clubs and Socs Day goes, hopefully we'll get loads of members!

    Tuesday, 19 June 2012

    Student Radio Ireland

    Russell James Alford, former DCUfm Deputy Station Manager, has set up a not-for-profit organisation, called Student Radio Ireland. It's just getting started now, and there's big plans, including a yearly student radio awards, which sounds brilliant!

    Took this from the Student Radio Ireland Facebook page.

    At the moment I don't know a heap of information about Student Radio Ireland, but I am sure I'll learn more about it when I start back at DCU in the new semester. What I do know is that it needs more publicity to take off, so take a second to like the page on Facebook and follow the Twitter page.

    Monday, 18 June 2012

    Not Looking So Graceful Caught On Film

    In the photos from the first Teacup Chronicles shoot we looked graceful and pretty. Behind the scenes was another story though... Be prepared for a lot of screaming in this video, as we delve into the chilly stream.

    I'm sure there'll be more footage of the fun we had put online in the future. I'm sure I'll keep this blog updated with the videos, even if I make a fool of myself in them. If your blog can't accept you for all your flaws (screaming hysterically, looking terribly ungraceful in general) then who will?

    Sunday, 17 June 2012

    The Teacup's First Outing

    The Teacup's First Outing

    So with all my chat about the Teacup Chronicles in the last post it's finally time to let the pictures do the talking. Here are my favourite photos that I took of my gorgeous friends, Shauna and Sorcha, starring the soon to be famous travelling teacup:

    I couldn't resist joining in on all the fun... The following photographs were taken by Alan Toye, and that ginger one in the photos is me!:

    This one looks like it should be an album cover... 'Claire: The Album'

    There's a selection of the photos. I may be adding a few more to my Flickr account, so keep an eye on that if you're interested! I better say that I hope you enjoy looking at these photos, but if you'd like to use these photos or any other photos of mine please contact me for permission and credit me! Disclaimer out the way, I hope you enjoy the other Teacup Chronicles photos that will be uploaded in the coming weeks!

    Friday, 15 June 2012

    Tea Party in the Forest

    Remember my post on the Teacup Chronicles? Well, today was the first day that we went out to take photos!

    The stump was our tea table!

    And you'll be pleased to know that it was a success! Shauna, Sorcha, Alan and I, trotted off to the forest to get snapping. Dressed in our vintage-inspired outfits we looked like quite the pixies posing in the woods, teacup in hand!

    The beautiful Sorcha Cusack

    After a load of photos were taken in and around the trees, we decided to feck it, YOLO, Carpe Diem and whatever other relevant phrase you can toss out, and we threw ourselves into the water! We took plenty of photos of us models looking like drowned mice (well, it sounds cuter than rats!) in the stream. Photos shall be posted in the next few days.

    So far I've only edited a few photos, so I'll upload more when I've sorted that out, and when I've got the go ahead from the project manager Sorcha of course! By the way, this is pretty much the vision of Sorcha and Shauna, so you should follow Sorcha's blog to get the low down on the antics. And obviously I'll keep you informed too!

    More on the Exhibition

    I promised a longer post about the exhibition I attended in the North West Regional College in Limavady, and I intend to keep all my promises!

    I went to this event because my friend Fiona has just completed her foundation year in art.

    Fiona Burke and I. Check out the art in the background, this is Fiona's stuff.

    It was great walking round and seeing the different styles of all the artists, and all the potential too!

    Pádhraic Mulholland. That's his art in the background, and to see more of it check out his blog.

    So yeah, the so called longer post didn't really turn out to be particularly detailed. I am weary of going off topic, but media and art goes together... Doesn't it? Well it was a necessary post, as I must show support to my friend Fiona and her artsy mates.

    Wednesday, 13 June 2012

    Exhibition in Limavady

    Last night I attended the end-of-year exhibition opening by the art students at the North West Regional College in Limavady.

    As soon as I get some more photos of the event I'll write up a more detailed post, but for now here's a taste:

    This is a piece created by a close friend, Fiona Burke.

    So, a short, not solely media related post today. Still relevant to my blog though, as these arty folk are the ones that could be working along side me if I ever achieve my goal and work in advertising!

    Monday, 11 June 2012

    Teacup Chronicles (I Don't Even Like Tea, Shh!)

    At some point this week I am going to give my DSLR a bit of a work out. The photographs I take will mark the beginning of the 'Teacup Chronicles', a series of images that will be compiled throughout the summer. The theme? The title is a giveaway here, all the images will feature a teacup! The models (that's my friends Sorcha and Shauna!) shall be dressed up in their cutest vintage-esque outfits, and shall pose in various locations, starting with the oh-so-exotic location of Shauna's back garden.

    In honour of the antics that shall surely occur while shooting the Teacup Chronicals I created a simple teacup in Illustrator. For the record, I followed this tutorial.

    While it's a lot better than my original attempt at Illustrator (see this monstrosity), it's still pretty awful. Why are you always so difficult Illustrator?

    Anyway, back to the original point: 'Teacup Chronicles' photo shoot! Hopefully the finished photos will be up by next week. That's if they are any good. But I've told the world now so I suppose I'll have to follow through!

    I must point out that this idea has sprung from the brilliant minds of Shauna and Sorcha, I have simply been invited along for the ride!

    Wednesday, 6 June 2012

    Tangled in Web Design

    In my first year of university I was introduced to the world of web design, and I discovered that it's a lot of fun! I never thought I'd get into this aspect of the new media, but I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own webpage.

    The site I created to be marked isn't live so here's an alternative, a screen shot of what the main page of my website looked like. You'll have to trust me when I promise you that all the links worked perfectly!

    My new found love for creating and designing websites left me with an unforeseen problem - I don't have the option to take up a module on the subject next year. The good news is, web design is easily self-taught! There are various online resources that can be accessed for free. Let's have a look at some of them:

    W3 Schools, HTML - While this site gets a bad rep from various sources , I found it useful to learn the basics of HTML. However, now that I'm moving on to the more advanced aspects of web design I shall be leaving it behind, as I am not sure I trust it due to all the criticism and bad publicity.

    The New Boston, CSS - On this site you'll find video tutorials that are easy to follow. The voiceover explains every detail simply and at an apt pace, though he can be a little irratating at times. These videos are helping me to learn CSS.

    Code Academy, Javascript - I really enjoyed trying this one out, as it makes the whole experience of learning Javascript like a fun game! I got through a few levels but then I got stuck. I have now realised that there is no point of me learning this until I have a better knowledge of HTML and CSS! Thanks to Cian Mac Mahon for directing me to both the New Boston and Code Academy sites.

    I'll set aside some time each day to practice, and hopefully I'll be a pro before the 2012/13 academic year gets started!

    Friday, 1 June 2012

    Tag! You're It

    Tag! You're It

    Today I am returning to the topic of graffiti hunting in Ireland's city centre. Dublin is a surprisingly good place to look for graffiti and street art. It is a small city and there seems to be much less visible graffiti than many other European cities, but this just adds a sense of challenge and an element of fun to the search!

    I emailed a photo of a graffiti filled street to Faran from the Tag! section of the Nylon blog, and next thing I know, my photos featured on the blog!

    Handy enough! As you may know, I started graffiti spotting because of my involvement with Scene Not Herd, a cultural youth group in Dublin. There should be an exhibition to do with gureilla art coming up soon in the No Grants Gallery. Shall keep you posted as always!

    Anyway, for more on graffiti hunting and tips on how to give it a go, visit my Squidoo lens on the subject! Plugging myself on my own blog... I really am shameless...