Wednesday, 30 May 2012

This is Like a Flashback

Flashback is a free cultural magazine produced for DCU students. Next year I will be the staff photographer for Flashback!

When I got the email that invited anyone interested to come along to the interview, I marked it as important but almost convinced myself not to go! The main reason for this was because I knew the work of the imaging editor at the time, Kate Murphy. Her portrait photography can be cute and evocative whilst carrying a quirky twist that gives her pictures an unique voice. Check out her Flickr and you'll see what I'm talking about. Clearly, I'm a fan. My knowledge of Kate's work made me feel somewhat intimidated. I was unsure that my work would be of a high enough standard.

Fortunately, with a half hour to spare I decided to 'feck it' and scurried off to the interview. I realised that you do not necessarily need to be a visionary genius to be an image editor, though I'm sure it helps! At the interview I bigged myself up, and convinced the interviewers as well as myself!

On reflection, I am confident that I will be a good staff photographer because I have a creative eye that will serve me well when picking photos for the magazine. Actually, I better emphasise that I am a 'staff photographer', and not the 'imaging editor'. Basically I'm the little helper of the imaging editor, Kim, so I'll be helping take and choose images, but ultimately it is Kim who has the final say. I haven't met her yet but I'm sure she will be a legend! Anyway, I am ridiculously pumped for being on the Flashback team of 2012/13!

I'll post about Flashback again when I get started and meet the rest of the team! That will be in semester one when I arrive back at DCU for year 2. Can't wait!

Note: I'm playing catch up with my blog at the moment, because I ignored my blog for almost a month! So the things I post for the next few days might be about events that occurred a few weeks ago, but they are still relevant to this blog, so I'm sharing them anyway!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kenneth Lambert Interview

Alan and I interviewed Kenneth Lambert, an artist based in Dublin and Madrid, for Scene Not Herd. His exhibition ran in April in Temple Bar's No Grants Gallery . It was my first time interviewing anyone, and it went quite well. We chatted for about 15 minutes, but ultimately we scrapped a lot of it, and the final piece is just over a minute long.

What have I learned from the experience? Nod in SILENT agreement with what the interviewee is saying - Do not go 'umm', 'yeah', etc. because those little colloquial mutterings are a bitch to edit out in Final Cut Pro. I'll know to keep my lips stapled shut for next time!

Monday, 28 May 2012

#DCUtv24 Hour Broadcast

Probably one of the most fun, bizarre and tiring 24 hours of my whole academic year was the day I spent with MPS members at #DCUtv24. I use the hash tag regardless of the fact that I am on Blogger not Twitter because it will be forever etched into my memory. #DCUtv24 #DCUtv24 #DCUtv24. The event was run by MPS and DCUtv in order to raise money for Temple Street Children's Hospital, whilst also having the banter in the Henry Grattan beyond its usual opening hours! It aired on the internet on and DCUtv's website too!

It was a fantastic few hours. We started at 8pm on Friday night on the 13th of April, and a team of us would continue broadcasting live until 8pm the next day. As one of the two Promotions and Marketing Officers my job was to get as many viewers to watch the broadcast as possible, with the hope was that the audience would donate like crazy!

Thus, the idea that I needed to get #DCUtv24 trending on Twitter was born. I spent the majority of the 24 hours by the laptop in the 'green room' (a random classroom in the Henry Grattan). Tweeting and retweeting like a possessed woman. Shouting HASH TAG DCUtv24 to anyone within a reasonable radius. As a team we actually got #DCUtv24 trending, not only number one in Dublin, but trending at number 2 in the whole of Ireland.

A few celebrity tweets and retweets helped us along the way too! My friend Fiona mention Oliver Phelps (who plays George Weasley in the Harry Potter films) and he was kind enough to give us a retweet! Letting his 347,000+ followers know about the student broadcast. And if you are not impressed by that then look: Dustin the Turkey tweeted about it!

Apart from out antics on Twitter, I had a go at operating the camera during the 24 hours, and also presented a cookery show with Alan! On the day this seemed like it was going to end up as a bit of a disaster. Alan and I had been up for hours without sleep at this stage, and the teams that were supposed to be taking part in the programme had been kicked out of the building. However, by adapting the plan slightly the show kicked off, with the help of the presenters Laura and Patrick, and in my opinion it was successful! You can watch it below! Thanks to my friend Andy for uploading this.

We were on in the morning, which wasn't the best time for getting a lot of views. Next year I'd love to try a similar show again, except at a time where more people are watching, so that we can interact with the audience through Twitter.

In the end MPS raised over €2500 for Temple Street, thanks to the hard work of the crew and the generous donations by the audience.

PRO Princess

I have abandoned this blog for too long! Tut tut to me. But now the summer has rolled around, and I have plenty of free time to keep this blog up to date.

So what have I been up to during the gap since I last posted? Well I've been elected as PRO for both Filmsoc and Fotosoc. Exciting! I had my eye on the Fotosoc position since I joined the society. So now as I have been elected (which wasn't too difficult seeing as I was the only volunteer!) I am going to try to get Fotosoc loads of new members next year and encourage people to be more dedicated to it as well.

While I had the goal of becoming PRO for Fotosoc, the Filmsoc endeavour was a surprise! Alan and I went to the Filmsoc EGM with the intention of watching the film that would be projected after the new positions had been filled. We both ended up being roped onto the committee! Not that I'm complaining, as I've said before, I have a ton of time during the academic year to get involved in society life. So I was given the title of PRO and Alan is a Coffee Bitch. And yes, that's his official title, one for his CV no doubt.

I tweeted about my new positions as PRO, and Kate, a lovely, soon-to-be graduate of DCU, dubbed me the 'PRO Queen'. I don't know about that. At this stage I think I'm more of a PRO Princess, innocent, excited and unsure of my duties. Maybe I'll be crowned the PRO queen next year, if I become a successful member of committee! We'll see, I suppose.

I am thrilled to be PRO for Fotosoc and Filmsoc, but I missed out on becoming PRO for the ever-brilliant MPS (Media Production Society). I stood up to say my 30 second speech like the other 15+ people going for one of the two positions but I didn't convince the audience. In some ways, this was for the best, as I would not have had the time to be PRO for both Fotosoc and Filmsoc if I'd been voted on as MPS PRO.

By the way, the photo is one I randomly took two years ago. I dislike putting up picture-less blog posts and prefer to use my own images in posts, so sometimes the link between the image and the post might be a little loose! Here I'm wearing a tiara, because I'm a PRO princess! Geddit?! Common sense tells me that if you have to devote a whole paragraph to explaining the reason for the image in a post then it is best to leave it out. Oh well, I've added it in for the sheer craic!