Friday, 6 April 2012

Hybrid Awards

A glamorous night was had last night as I attended the Hybrid Awards at the Helix, DCU. The Hybrid Awards, organised by the Media Production Society (MPS), is an event that looks to commend students on outstanding media related work. Students can enter their pieces in print, web and radio categories.

I entered in two categories, the Photographer of the Year and the Poster of the Year. It is free to enter so why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately I did not get nominated for either. The standard, was of course very high, so I wasn’t surprised. However, next year I’m determined to be nominated for at least one award! And in my final year my goal is to cart home a shiny award! As I said, the quality of work by the MPS members is usually exceptional, so I better get practicing if I can ever hope to actually win a Hybrid.

On another note, the Hybrid Awards ceremony is an excellent opportunity to get networking. However, I was much too frightened to actually make the move and introduce myself to anyone from the industry. I must push myself at the next event like this to make some contacts!

Call Me Maybe?

The final version of the Call Me Maybe? video that I am in has been put up online here. Have a peek for a laugh, or even just for the cute song. Though I can safely say that the song is starting to grate on me now that I have had to listen to it a ridiculous amount of times!

Also if you are really bored, here's the blooper reel.

Update: Turns out the videos have been removed. I'll keep an eye out to see if they are reuploaded, and if so I will update the links.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tionscnamh X

I took photos at my friend's gig, Tionscnamh X, on Friday night. I found it difficult to get good shots because of the lighting. I cranked up the ISO but there must be a better way to get decent photos than this? More practice needed.

I also learned that Photoshop can't make bad photos brilliant. It can only make crap photos slightly less crap.