Saturday, 31 March 2012

Filming Fail

This week, Alan and I planned to film a script that Alan wrote. Our main actress was only in the county for three days so we were supposed to film the whole 10 minute film in during this time. While this plan was quite ambitious for two inexperienced camera operators and directors, we were hopeful that we would achieve our goal. Unfortunately, it didn't run as smoothly as we'd hoped.

Firstly we forgot to format the card before using it, so we only had 5 minutes of recording time. And regardless of this flaw, it seemed like it was deemed to be a disaster because Alan, who was operating the camera actually clicked record, when it was not supposed to be recording and vice versa! Gosh we haven't got to professional standard yet!

In the end we gave up, as we realised with all the delays we wouldn't have time to complete our project. Ah well, it's a cliché but we really do learn from silly mistakes.

We may work on the script again and film it during the summer. I'm sure it'll be much more successful next time! I shall keep you posted!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Webcam Antics

I'm sure you've seen the Call Me Maybe music video with Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale and co. dancing about and singing. Watch it here if you haven't. It's presumably filmed on webcams, so a girl in my course called Emma decided that a few of us should make our own version! We filmed it on her laptop and also filmed a bit on a handheld camera device.

It was fun and we made fools of ourselves which is always good! Sure, what else would we be doing? We're doing a Communications degree after all!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Graffiti Hunting

Turns out I did get a few pretty pictures from my trip into Dublin City Centre. They weren't of the vintage fair, however, they were of a graffiti filled street.

This was a perfect opportunity to get some photos for Scene Not Herd. They're looking for shots of graffiti from around Dublin. By the way, Scene Not Herd are a youth cultural group, who meet up bi-weekly, and I'm a member! Follow the Twitter account!

The photos were a tad overexposed, so I adjusted them on Photoshop. I mainly changed the vibrancy, hue, contrast. And I used layers, of course, they are seriously handy, it's always great to turn on and off various layers to see if they are improving the photo or not

Update: I'm reading over my old posts and realised that I didn't mention my gorgeous model! Her name is Sorcha Cusack, she's my best friend and she has a blog!

Illustrator Craic

Okay, I put up that last one without changing the HTML from my first educated guess! I did okay, but my paragraphs didn't show up. Hopefully this post will be more successful!

Not only did I start HTML today, but I also had a go at Illustrator. I'm following this tutorial. I'm finding it difficult enough, but I'm hoping that I'll stay motivated and that I'll practice enough until I can breeze through it. This blog should help with the motivation! I'm just about getting my head around the pen tool. I'll add one of the pictures I created with guidance from the tutorial, and after many failed attempts. It's not a masterpiece but it'll do for now! And before you ask, "what in God's name is that demented shape supposed to be?" -it's a key okay? A quirky one we'll say. Quir-key!! Geddit? I should ditch this degree to become a comedian, I'm fecking hilarious! (What's the HTML for sarcasm font?)
Righteo, happy enough with my progress today. Tomorrow I'm going all hipster and bringing my DSLR to a vintage fair in Dublin. May post pictures if they're any good!

Getting Started

So I've decided, as a Communications student in my second semester of college, that now is the perfect time to start a blog. I'm going to keep it private for the moment, until I get into the swing of things. This blog will be about all my media related endeavours that I am faced with. If I'm learning something new in university I'll post about it, if I begin learning skills on my own accord then I will post these too! Today I started learning a bit of basic HTML. I know that for the rest of the year I am doing Web in my Digital Media Skills module, so I thought I'd get a head start this weekend. At the moment I am attempting to write this in HTML format, because Blogger gave me the option, I couldn't resist showing off my new skills! I've typed all the code without checking back, so if this works I'm going to be so proud of myself! Well, here goes nothing! And it really is nothing because I can so easily come back to it and edit it with out anyone ever knowing. Still, it'd be great if I got it first time!